A Mock Dawg “Thank You”

The summer has come to an end, and so has our Summer Challenge! Thanks to generous contributions from friends and family, we have surpassed our fundraising goal.

We are in a better place to face the costs of a new season, but contributions are still needed. If you’d like to support Mock Dawgs financially, please visit the “Support Us” page on our website.

We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to the following individuals:


Adam Wittenstein

Alex Block

Ali Foreman

Andrew Stoehr

Brian & Connie Bolt

Brian Mink

Colleen McCall

Corey Anderson

Dan Vitkus

Dillon, Sara, Declan & Dalton

Harry Sweeney

Jane McPherson & Jon Jefferson

Jane Morgan

Jay & Peggy Norton

Joyce Conant

Kaitlyn Beck

Kerri Sweeney

Laura Worden

Lauren Lutton

Mary & Doug Pearson

Milly Bartolome

Muneeb Ahmed

Peter & Hannah Shin

Shaun Kleber

Yogini Patel